User Guide

Configuration Settings:

To work with Project Status Plugin, required project phases should be created in advance.

To add project phase, follow below steps

Step 1. Navigate to Project Settings → Project Status → Project Status Configuration 

Step 2. Click on "Add Project Phase" in upper right corner of page

Step 3. Enter appropriate Project Phase name along with threshold and its resembled color.

Actions :

Hover on Project phase name to view actions

  1. Edit : Edit the Existing Project Phase.

  2. Delete : Delete Existing Project Phase.

Two Strategies to get project phase :

  1. Auto : By default the selected strategy to get project phase will be "auto"

                    To work with "auto" strategy, you need to map appropriate Jira statuses with the created project phases earlier.

                    To map Jira status to appropriate project phase, drag it from "Unmapped Issue Status" container and drop under required project phase container as below screenshot

To dissociate Jira status from project phase, hover it and click on "close" icon and it will moves back to unmapped status column as below

                     If aggregate percentage of issues in mapped phase crosses the declared threshold, that project phase becomes projects active status.

for e.g. We have a project called "Facebook Service". We want use project status plugin to get our project phase, so we created below project phases with appropriate Jira statuses mapped  and its threshold with each project phase.

Project Phase

Jira Status


Project Phase

Jira Status









In Progress

In Progress

In Review


In Dev







                      So if at least 50% of total issues under "Facebook Service" falls under "To DO", "New" ,"Open", "Documentation", "Requirements", the project phase becomes "Development".

                      If 90% of total issues under  "Facebook Service" falls under "Done", "Resolved", "Complete" the project phase becomes "Complete" automatically

                       If none of the declared threshold matches, the project phase become "UNKNOWN" as shown below.


2. Manual

To work with manual strategy, no Jira status to project phase mapping is required.

You need to toggle "Update Manually" to selected or on and update required phase as shown below.

Project Status Report for individual project:

To get individual project status report, follow below steps

Step 1 .  Navigate to reports section of project as below 

Step 2 . Click on "Project Status Report" under Other

Step 3. Click "Next"

Project phase will be visible here.

Depending on strategy as "Manual" or "Auto", the graphs will be visible for "Auto strategy only"

In case graphs are visible, clicking on each phase in "Project Status" pie chart will give mapped Jira statuses with issue count in next column graph

column graph is shown below, clicking on each column it redirects to issue navigator resulting issues in that status.

Project Status Report for all projects:

To get project status for all projects, for which user is admin, navigate as below

The status of projects to which user in admin are displayed below.

Miscellaneous behaviour :

  1. When Project is deleted it's all configurations will be deleted.

  2. When Status from any workflow is removed, it's corresponding configuration will be deleted.


Threshold :

     threshold is the expected percentage of issues in mapped Jira workflow statuses for that Project Phase.